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At Surgeon Recruiters we identify, network with, and place surgeons of all specialities throughout the country.
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We place surgeons of all specialties, all over.

From General to Vascular and everything in-between, our surgeon recruiters identify, network with, and place Board certified and Board eligible surgeons of all specialties with healthcare providers of all sizes nationwide.

Expedite your time-to-hire process.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for physicians and surgeons is going to increase by 14% over the next 10 years, making what are already incredibly challenges positions to fill that much more difficult. In this highly competitive landscape, you need a recruitment partner with the industry connections and know-how necessary to dramatically shorten your time-to-hire.

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The days of running a job ad in the newspaper or online and getting a diverse mix of highly qualified applicants is over (if they ever existed to begin with). According to Physician’s Weekly, not only is the US population currently being underserved by the number of active surgeons the problem is only going to continue to get worse over the coming years. The demand for surgeons of all specialities is growing rapidly yet the supply is not keeping pace. Having one singular focus allows us to provide our clients with the candidates they critically need in order to adequately serve their patients.

 Private Group Practices


One of the biggest career decisions a surgeon will have to make is whether to go to work for a private group practice or affiliate with a health system. There are a multitude of factors involved in deciding which environment best suits the overall needs of the physician, and those factors can change over time. It can be a complicated decision, to say the least. Every medical group is unique and any physician considering joining a group should examine and diagnose the circumstances with the same level of care and attention to detail they would have if they were treating a new patient.

Non-Government Non-Profit Hospitals


Non-government non-profit hospitals account for approximately 60% of the hospitals in the US. The reasons for choosing hospital employment as opposed to private practice are different for every physician, but regular hours, guaranteed income and the alleviation from many of the administrative duties typically associated with running a private practice top the list. For physicians who are thinking about winding down their careers hospitals tend to offer more case-load options and overall flexibility. While it may seem counterintuitive, non-profit hospitals tend to be located in areas of higher-than-average incomes.

We network with the best and the brightest.

At Surgeon Recruiters, our days are spent connecting and networking with some of the most accomplished and sought-after surgeons in healthcare. We invest the time to get to know each physician personally in order to fully understand their individual wants and needs. By proactively gathering this information up front we are able to immediately discern whether or not a particular opportunity we come across fits their desired career path.

 Investor-Owned Hospitals


The number of investor-owned for-profit hospitals has continued to grow steadily over the last few years as the number of non-profit and government-run hospitals has been declining somewhat, albeit at a slow pace. For-profit hospitals currently account for approximately 20% of the hospitals in the US according to the American Hospital Association. Overall, the surgeon’s contribution to a for-profit hospital’s bottom line is significant, with certain specialities being more profitable than others.

State & Local Government Hospitals


State and local government community hospitals provide the foundational healthcare services millions of people across the US rely on every day. They are firmly attached to their roots and the people they serve. Local business leaders sit on their boards and their CEOs speak at the Lion’s and Rotary Clubs. A strong community hospital is rewarded with both patient and physician loyalty. It’s not uncommon for physicians to want to return to their hometowns after a period of time away and serve the community where they grew up.

“Surgeon Recruiters has played a huge part in my career growth. I connected with their team as soon as I began thinking about making the move from the hospital to a private practice. As a candidate, there is no sense in going it alone – they worked with me every step of the way. The insight, guidance and resources they provided were invaluable.”

D. Dustin Rolin, MD

Let us know how we can help.

Whether you are a healthcare provider needing to fill one or multiple positions or a Board certified/Board eligible surgeon thinking about making a move from your current role, let’s connect. We can be a valuable partner in helping you achieve your employment goals.

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